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What is now commonplace for us and driven by AI would be completely alien to our time travelers. 

Kevin Steer
Originally published by -Business Talk on July 12, 2021

Kevin Steer

If a time traveler came in 2021, he would be amazed at how we move around with our smartphones, how virtual digital assistants answer our questions and be perplexed by our addiction to social media platforms. What is now commonplace for us and driven by AI would be completely alien to our time travelers. There’s no denying that artificial intelligence is a part of our everyday life and technology will continue to grow in all facets of life offering new opportunities creating new employment and changing the way the world works.

Leaders have always wanted to know what the future holds. In six months, a year, or two decades, what will thrill customers? What external forces will have an impact on their respective industries? What technologies are likely to irritate them? 

Kevin Steer, a dynamic leader, recognized the changing nature of AI and machine learning, understood AI’s future importance, and stayed alert in logically evaluating the long-term consequences. He was convinced that new technology will completely transform customers’ perceptions of the finance and insurance industries. 

Kevin Steer saw a future demand for secure financial services with complete transparency and founded One Two One Advisor in 2010 intending to create innovative FinTech and InsurTech solutions that would provide the financial and insurance industries a new dimension.  

Meet Kevin Guy Steer- The Man who built One Two One Advisor – A multi-million estate

Kevin Guy Steer is CEO of One Two One Advisor Sdn Bhd providing FinTech & InsurTech responsive mobile sales, distribution solutions, and services for Insurance, Takaful, and Banking. For the past 20 years, he has been involved in the design and implementation of innovative IT solutions in the Asia Pacific Region including Malaysia, India & China, delivering highly scalable multi-lingual enterprise solutions.

The Inside Story

Today, Kevin’s firm, One Two One Advisor is working with several banks and insurers & Takaful to modernize traditional financial services and insurance models. His firm specializes in integrating technology into the banking and insurance sectors and offers innovative solutions. Referral Management with Marketing Automation, Mobile Point of Sale, Online Direct Selling, Enterprise Product Configurator, Online Claims, Agency Distribution, Online Customer Service Portals, and Corporate Websites are some of the current offerings.

“AI, big data, machine learning, chatbots, Robo Advisors, and robotic process automation will have a huge influence on the FinTech and InsurTech industries to drive their growth,” he says. One Two One Advisor will continue to promote our game-changing AI solutions to banks, insurers, Takaful companies, and investment firms.”

Kevin recognizes his job as a leader and inspires his entire team to come up with fresh and innovative ideas. He feels that a group’s influx of fresh ideas is critical to a company’s exponential growth. Kevin’s role as a “techie” is to assist his team in understanding banking and insurance procedures and the creation of data models. The staff is well-versed in financial services and insurance procedures, allowing them to quickly adopt innovative solutions. One Two One Advisor has a fantastic staff of 35 individuals. 

“We specialize in both online cloud services and mobile app development. Our staff is familiar with Personas and how to use them to activate Marketing Automation processes,” says Kevin. 

The Rise and Rise of One Two One Advisor

The firm successfully carried out an innovative referral management solution to two banks under his direction, which was a very successful endeavour. The firm also launched websites that included Marketing Automation and Campaign solutions as part of this. The team also launched an online portal where consumers can review their policies and change their information, saving time and effort. 

For improved customer service, every firm is investing in chatbots. Kevin didn’t want to leave any stones unturned, either. Multilingual Chatbots & Robo Advisors, as well as AI-based Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning, were deployed to forecast New Products, Churn / Lapsation, Fraudulent Claims, and future projections for Investment Funds.

One Two One Advisor has grown exponentially over the last decade. Here’s a look into the growth over the last 10 years. The blue bar indicates the customer and the orange bar represents the products and services. 

121advisor customers with products and services

Looking forward 

Kevin through his experience has seen that most millennials in the Asia Pacific do not understand financial planning and frequently max out their credit cards and go into debt. He thus feels that there is a need to educate them on their financial objectives and propose items that they may buy online. 

“We believe that with the introduction of u12know, it will become a revolutionary information site that provides advice on lifestyle, financial, and (in the future) health goals. This will assist them in identifying their requirements and developing a strategy to help them achieve their lifestyle and company financial goals. This will be translated into the local language for each country.” he quotes. 

Winning over the Pandemic 

With the ongoing epidemic, One Two One Advisor realized the need to provide financial and health services online, as well as lifestyle financial and health counselling. 

Kevin adds, “In Malaysia, we established u12know (, a knowledge platform that offers lifestyle and financial guidance (for single, married, family, retired & my business). This will be expanded to incorporate lifestyle financial objectives as well as financial and business product suggestions, including our multilingual chatbot and Robo Advisor (which provides advice on financial goals). With the onset of Covid-19, the FinTech & InsurTech sector started to include digital online sales, where we included online digital services to buy insurance.”

He believes that in the future, u12know will include health and wellness calculators to advise people on their health and what they need to work on to get healthy; this will also include a “total health score”, based on the health calculators to indicate whether they are very healthy, healthy, unhealthy or at risk.

Before signing off the conversation, he was generous enough to share his tips on being a successful entrepreneur. He says, “a leader is someone who has foresightedness and prepares for the different types of risks that can crop up and assess the impact of those risks to be ahead in the race. Someone who can do this frequently will be more successful.” 

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