121Advisor: The Brand Leading Innovation in the Fintech and InsurTech Sectors

Leveraging the boons of the technical revolution while simultaneously pioneering myriad ingenious industry trends is a feat only a few can achieve.

Kevin Steer
Originally published by -The Leaders Globe on December 01, 2021


Kevin Steer

121Advisor is one such disruptive brand that is currently redefining the FinTech and InsurTech sectors by harnessing the prowess of AI, ML, and Robotics while also ideating innovative and novel solutions for the market.

By relentlessly working to implement the brand motto- i.e. “We Don’t Follow Trends, We Pioneer Them”- 121Advisor has managed to craft an unparalleled market legacy and deliver unmatched services to its clients. 121Advisors was designed with the avowed mission of delivering lucrative and effective solutions to efficaciously empower Financial, Insurance, and Takaful providers with vigorous and innovative technological solutions. The brand also aims to enable the generation of quality leads, secure sales, and build customer loyalty in a professional and compliant manner.

Meeting the Brand’s Architect

121Advisor has secured the ace position in the market under the guidance and leadership of its brilliance CEO, Kevin Steer. From a very young age, Kevin was interested in unlocking the veiled potentials of tech tools like AI and ML. He was convinced that the expansive possibilities of such tech tools could be leveraged to ideate innovative solutions for the finance and insurance sectors.

"We aim to make our products & services Regulatory Compliant, for the cloud services”
-Kevin Steer

By amalgamating his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of banking and insurance with his interest in such tech tools, Kevin started attaining further academic qualifications in this domain, and in 2010 he laid the foundations of one of the most formidable brands in the market today, 121Advisor. Under his perceptive guidance, the brand has consistently diversified its portfolio and started selling its products to different companies, including Manulife, AIG, AIA, MCIS (part of Sanlam Group), Etiqa, Sunlife Malaysia, AmMetlife, AmMetlife Takaful, Zurich Takaful, FWD Takaful, Bank Simpanan Nasional, and the MBSB Bank.

Celebrating Brilliance

Under his auspices, 121Advisor has soared high in the market. The brand has earned several accolades that celebrate its unmatched contribution to the FinTech and InsurTech sectors. The company was ranked among the Top 10 InsurTech Consulting/Services Companies in APAC 2018. 121 Advisor was also recognized as the ‘Recommended Insurance Tech Solution Providers for 2020’.

Crafting a Legacy

At the time the brand was conceptualized, the popularity of the FinTech and InsurTech sectors was marginal. Thus, Kevin persevered to sell the ingenious solutions of the brand to grow its customer base. Talking about the initial days, Kevin recounts, “We started building our solutions from scratch and implemented them. We grew the business and acquired more customers. Our lessons were to make our products & services Regulatory Compliant, for the cloud services.” Fair and quality provision were undoubtedly priorities for the brand. From its humble roots, today the brand is serving 18 customers and is all set to expand its horizons to become a regional disruptor.

"121Advisor was founded to inspire and pioneer trends, not follow them”
-Kevin Steer

Pioneering Change

121Advisor has pioneered several formidable solutions for the Fintech and InsurTech sectors. The team works relentlessly to ideate new solutions that will help assuage major industry issues and concerns. Talking about pioneering change thus far, Kevin propounds, “We have implemented 12 solutions, including Predictive Analytics Modelling, ChatBots & Robo Advisors, Web portals for a number of customers, Referral Management for banks, Sales Activity Management Solutions, Online store for selling Insurance & Takaful, Mobile solutions for Windows, IOS & Android, Customer Service Portals, Agency Management Solutions to compute commission & pay agents, Online Communities, Claims Management Solutions & Product Configurators to set up new products.” The unwavering drive of the brand’s team of experts promises further innovation and diversification in its service portfolio.

Fuelling the Inventive Drive during a Pandemic

During the trying months of the pandemic, the team at 121Advisor successfully created a state-of-the-art knowledge portal known as u12know. The portal acts as a holistic advice gateway providing people with fruitful counsel about their lifestyles, financial goals, health, and overall wellness. Talking about another upcoming addition to their portfolio of solutions, Kevin mentions, “We will shortly be rolling out a ‘Total Health Score’ to assess if a person is healthy, unhealthy or in critical condition.”

The Enterprise Digital Framework

All 121Advisor solutions are carefully matched with the specific requirements of its client’s business interests and objectives. The company uses its Customer First Connected Enterprise Digital Framework to deliver invaluable insights to its clients that in turn helps them grow and develop. Kevin asserts, “Besides being an end-to-end customer engagement model, EDF supports the organization’s need in achieving an overall digital experience in Marketing, Branding, Prospecting, Selling, and Servicing.” The 121Advisor framework is an amalgamation of several core solutions that cover all the core aspects of consumer engagement while also delivering adequate scope for personalization.

Future Prospects

121Avisor’s future represents one beaming with the hope of expansion. Kevin hopes to see the brand become the most renowned Financial, Insurance, and Takaful technology enabler in the region. Expansion plans are a significant part of the brand’s future endeavors. Kevin asserts, “With our knowledge portal (u12know), we want to expand into other countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar). Then in the future, expand to Europe & the US, providing multilingual translations.”

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