Generate Sales & Build Loyalty with Digital Lifecycle Marketing (Part 1)

Personalised online consumer engagement will improve customer loyalty through nurturing and advocacy which will result in improved retention. Raising the customer acquisition and retention bar with Digital Lifecycle Marketing for Insurance and Takaful

Kevin Steer

Today consumers expect personalised online experience during sales and service. In retail, if customers do not receive tailored content and product offers meeting their needs, they will switch vendors. Today, there are many digital channels offering insurance and takaful, and recent surveys show that switching providers is becoming more prevalent.

In this article we share how Digital Lifecycle Marketing can raise the Customer Acquisition & Retention bar for Insurance & Takaful.


Millennials have very short attention spans browsing websites and if you cannot keep their interest, they will look elsewhere. Thus, the concept of ‘one-page fits all’ is no longer relevant, instead you need to be able to predict in real-time what they a looking for based on their interactions and personalise their customer journey accordingly.

Today consumers expect online personalised experience during sales and service. In retail, if customers do not receive tailored content and product offers to meeting their needs, they will switch vendors.


How can we raise Customer Acquisition and Retention for Insurance and Takaful?


Needs based financial planning has been used by financial advisors for many years, where you identify a person’s need (child education, retirement, income protection), prioritise them and recommend products that meet these priorities. This works well, when you have time to sit with a prospect who is willing to share their personal details.

However, when a consumer visits an insurance or takaful website, they are often unsure what they need, nor what they should be prioritising and most of the time not willing to share personal details. This is where the DLM comes into play.

Digital Lifecycle Marketing (DLM) is not about prioritising needs, it is about offering relevant advice and products based on their current lifestyle persona (e.g. married) and setting goals to move to their next lifestyle (e.g. family).

By categorising content and products based on one or more lifestyles and goals, you are able to predict what a consumer’s lifestyle is, which is then used to personalise their customer journey towards their personal goals.

Customer retention becomes more interesting because of the wealth of information you have when they apply for a policy. By defining automation rules, you can automatically map customers to their lifestyle persona and use this to personalise content and product offers via the customer portal and email marketing.

Delivering highly relevant content & recommendations to your visitors & customers at the right time can significantly boost engagement with your brand; which in turn maximizes ROI of marketing campaigns, boosts conversion rates, builds loyalty & advocacy that generates more referrals

Consumers expect Personalised experience and want to be offered products that meet their current needs:

  • Know me: Understand my needs and wants
  • Advise me: Present me with products that are personalised for my lifestyle
  • Educate me: Provide me with education and tips ‘in the moment’
  • My choice: Give me options rather than checkboxes and prerequisites
  • Alert me: Give me real-time predictive alerts with personalised communication
  • Compare me: Offer me peer comparisons

DLM uses personalised advice to target the right product and content to the right person at the right time based on their current lifestyle goals and needs; which is built by defining Digital ‘Lifestyle Personas’, how they interact socially and what their goals are. By defining persona goals, you can identify products and articles that peek their interest which are then used to build customer journeys. Where necessary products may need to be tailored to particular needs addressing those goals.


Part 2 of this article is published as Generate Sales & Build Loyalty with Digital Lifecycle Marketing (Part 2).  In part 2, the article discuss about Digital Lifecycle Marketing which uses personalized advice to target the right product and content to the right person at the right time based on their current lifestyle goals and needs.


Kevin Steer, CEO of One Two One Advisor Sdn Bhd, who has more than 20 years of success in technology solution implementation. He is passionate about utilising digital solutions to help improve the quality of advice given to the public whilst helping financial services advisors to build trusted relationships with their customers. 121Advisor’s Enterprise Digital Framework provides an integrated digital ecosystem to improve sales acquisition and retention of customers in the ever-changing digital world.

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