Offers unique FinTech propositions through innovative use of our Financial, Insurance & Takaful Enterprise Digital Framework (EDF). EDF provides a holistic solution based on the needs and wants of the business user to match their business objective.

EDF supports the organisation’s need in achieving an overall digital experience in Marketing, Branding, Prospecting, Selling and Servicing.

Customer First Connected Enterprise Digital Framework

Customer Self-Service Portal

View policies, update profile, pay premium, print statement, service requests & claims notification.

Choices Online Store

Simplified UX, integrated payment and submission, Online Insurance Point-of-Sales.

Takaful & Insurance Mobility Made Simple

Cross-platform Mobile Point of Sales Prospecting & Sales Fulfillment on-the-move with e-Payment services & e-Signature.

Enterprise Product Configurator

Create, validate and test new products & deploy to a common product rules engine running on Mobile Apps, Windows and Online stores

Community & E-worksite Marketing & Distribution

Build online communities to offer Financial, Insurance & Takaful products direct to community members.

Digital Marketing Services

Online Engagement, Social Selling, Empower Agents and Companies on social platforms.

Referral Management & Marketing Automation

Generate Leads, acquire Referrals, track Consumer Experience, establish Digital Marketing capabilities, using consumer analytics to run targeted campaigns.

Web Portal Solution for Sales & Servicing

Responsive design, SEO friendly website, digital marketing, distribution and service channel.

Multi-channel Distribution Management

Simplified digital channel & affinity partner management, reporting & compensation payment.

Multi-lingual Chatbot for Financial Insurance & Takaful

Providing 24*7 personalized consumer engagement and lifestyle financial Robo Advice

Applying EDF Personalized Engagement to Insurance, Takaful & Financial Services

Customer First Connected Enterprise Digital Framework (EDF) business capabilities delivers personalized engagement to the following financial, insurance and takaful business needs:


Customer / Consumer Analytics & Highlights Campaign & Referral Management Personalization Via Auto-persona Analysis


Mobile Point Of Sales Offline / Online End-to-end Sales Management


Multi-channel Sales Analytics & Insights


Online Store & Value Comparators


Robo Advisor Social & Customer Interaction


Community & E-worksite Marketing & Distribution


Speed To Market Product Setup Automated Testing


Scalable, Agile, Responsive Integration Portal


All your Digital Needs with 121Advisor's Customer First Connected Enterprise Digital Framework