Webassurance Solution
Quickly create direct channels for Insurance and Takaful
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Internet channel able to compliment the marketing, sales and services functions of the Insurance and Takaful businesses.
As we have seen how the internet and world wide web have evolved from informational channel to transactional and social channels, Financial, Insurance and Takaful companies must recognize that internet channel has grown beyond 'just an alternative distribution channel' for selling commodity products online, e.g. e-insurance or internet insurance sales.

With today's internet technology capabitilies and the rapidly growing demand of the digital consumers, internet channel has extended to be a more comprehensive channel which capable to compliment or supplement the marketing, branding, prospecting, sales and services functions of the Financial, Insurance and Takaful businesses.

At 121advisor, we call today's internet insurance channel as Webassurance channel. It is a complete operational channel which can connect, converse and convert consumers for Financial, Insurance and Takaful business, be it complementary or supplementary to existing channels, or independent end-to-end business channel. It is capable of performing and supporting marketing and promotion, branding and information delivery, lead generation and prospecting, sales fulfillment and collection, and customer services and engagement.

With our proven methodology Consumer Experience Management 2.0 (CXM 2.0), 121advisor offers consulting, technology solution and services to assist your business to design, develop and deploy Webassurance or internet insurance channel for Financial, Insurance and Takaful market.
Webassurance Portal Solution
Robust, agile and comprehensive framework with complete Content Management System and Web 2.0 features that meet today's consumer experience demands. Support mobile web, SEO, online marketing.
Webassurance Point-of-Sales
Seamless, integrated, end-to-end sales fulfillment solution from quotation / proposal, auto underwriting and payment, to policy issuance and renewals. Support web services, payment gateway, SMS / emails integration.
Webassurance Implementation Services
Design and develop innovative Webassurance channel to attract consumers with compelling online experience and interactive applications to connect, converse and convert customers online effectively
Webassurance Strategy Consultancy
Analyze, Strategize and Organize your Webassurance strategy and implementation plan into comprehensive blueprint and systematic approach with our proven CEM 2.0 methodology
Talk to us today to explore how we can help you to enhance your business channel on internet and social web for Financial, Insurance and Takaful.