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Proven strategies for digital Insurance & Takaful
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Social media has revolutionized the way consumers engage with brands
Businesses can now reach their target audience in a more personal and relevant way through social media to convey their brand values and market their products and services. Businesses can also listen to their customers’ feedback, provide support and services, and even acquire leads and referrals from their fans and followers over the social media channels.

With the increasing popularity of social network community spanning across the world, most Financial, Insurance and Takaful businesses and agents recognized the need to embark on the social media to reach their consumers and stay in touch with their customers. Many have begun their brand pages and social channels to promote their presence on these preferred platforms.

However, many Financial, Insurance and Takaful businesses are facing challenges to start or sustain their social media initiatives. The fundamental challenge is that most businesses did not have a holistic plan for social media: What should be done (Strategy)? Where to engage (Platforms)? Who to execute (Resource)? How to manage (Operation)?

With our proven methodology Consumer Experience Management 2.0 (CXM 2.0), 121advisor offers consulting, technology solution and services to assist your business to establish, operate and sustain social media channels specifically for Financial, Insurance and Takaful market.
Social Media Strategy
Analyze your business needs and capability, formulate the strategy plan, and design the operation model and processes to implement social media for your business.
Social Media Training
Prepare your business to embrace social media, elevate the knowledge and competency of your employees and agents to use and support social media for your business.
Social Media Implementation
Work with your marketing team and agency to setup your social media channels, implement campaigns and activities, and operationalize social media processes.
Social Media Management
Work with our partners and your social monitoring vendor to establish and manage or outsource your social media management operation internally or externally.
Talk to us today to explore how we can help you to embark your journey on social media for Financial, Insurance and Takaful.