Personalized Channel Management
121advisor offers consulting, technology solution and services for personalized multi-channel management.
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121advisor offers consulting, technology solution and services.
The primary focus of the distribution channels and sales agents should be what they do best i.e. selling and servicing the customers. They should not be burdended nor overwhelmed by challenges or limitations on performance administration, income computation and reporting, and other system issues that may hindered the growth of their business. Financial, Insurance and Takaful businesses needs to provide a robust, scalable and flexible solution to cater for the specific needs of the channel or agency.

Also, the need for high initial investment and on-going maintenance in channel management system to support sales and distribution management is no longer a viable option in view of the stiff competition and lean profit margin these days. With today's technology solution, cloud solution and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are more cost effective to support especially emerging distribution channels and agencies.

At 121advisor, we believe in providing options - custom technology system implementation and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution - to help Financial, Insurance and Takaful companies to cater for the diverse and differentiated channel's requirements according to their respective business needs and budgets.

With our proven Channel Management Solution, 121advisor offers consulting, technology solution and services to enable your business to meet the needs of your respective distribution channels in the Financial, Insurance and Takaful market.
Multi-Channel Administration
Flexible, configurable and scalable channel administration system to support various types of distribution channels with diverse requirements on channel structures, income and compensation schemes, and channel or agency reports.
Performance Management
Comprehensive yet personalized performance monitoring and management settings to track productions and manage career growth (such as promotion) for the agents and managers at the agency or channel level.
Income Computation Engine
Robust and integrated computation and reporting engine customizable to the income and compensation schemes specific to the channel or agency to ensure timely and accurate process to reward the sales agents.
Channel Web Portal
Extensive web portal with rich media, community features and mobile web capability enables channel- or agency-specific content personalized and accessible by sales agents for effective information delivery, personal development and professional networking.
Talk to us to explore how we can help you to personalize sales and performance management for your diverse distribution channels in Financial, Insurance and Takaful.