Campaign Management
Improve referral closing with targeted campaigns and automated interactions
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Proven tools to run campaigns and manage referrals for financial, insurance and takaful sales teams
Financial, insurance and takaful sales teams are finding it harder to generate a continuous stream of leads with the increased digital competition and tighter data privacy regulations.

Consumers have become more aware and have many new digital and social channels to get advice and choose their products. New data privacy acts restrict you from buying leads and cold-calling without first getting permission to contact the lead.

121advisors’ ReMMA (Referral Management & Marketing Automation) solution has successfully helped generate and close financial services leads (including credit cards, bank loans, insurance, takaful, savings and investment). The proven sales and support process helps agents generate and manage their leads, give professional sales presentations on the mobile devices, whilst enabling managers to easily monitor their effectiveness. The referral computation engine is configured to compute different referral fees or KPIs for each type of product on a referral or success basis.

Referral Management
Enable staff and customers to register and generate referrals from mobile devices, desktop or via sms. Data privacy compliance is tracked at each stage, allowing the lead to opt-out at any time. Seamless integration with mobile point of sales and call centers enable leads to be auto routed based on type of product and proximity, then escalated if not followed up within a specified period.
Campaign Management
Create and manage in-bound and out-bound campaigns for multiple sales channels. Use Personas or lead scoring to segment leads for targeted campaigns. Use the campaign dashboard to track conversions and sales against targets in real time. Customize UIs for specific needs of sales teams as and when required.
Persona based Marketing Automation
Personas are created to identify the types of people you want to target. Digital lifecycle marketing rules are setup to automatically identify type of Persona based on available contact information and how they interact. Marketing Automation workflows monitor changes in Persona and lifecycle events (for example birth of a child) to automatically trigger follow-on activities including sending personalized content, targeted product offerings and notification to sales team to follow up.
Referral Computation & Reporting Engine
The Referral Computation Engine is configured to compute either referral fee or KPIs with direct payment options to referrers, based on the type of product. Real time analytics & MIS reports for management, sales team and referrers allow referrals and campaigns to be effectively monitored and escalated.
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