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121advisor collaborates with innovative technology partners to extend and complement our solutions and capabilities. With the synergistic relationship, we are able to deliver our commitment to our clients with added values and superior quality.

Learn more about our technology partners and their expertise here.
Kentico Software
Kentico Software Kentico helps clients create successful websites, online stores, community sites and intranets. With Kentico CMS for ASP.NET, 121advisor offers complete web solution platform with e-commerce and social networking capabilities to enables internet channel for financial, insurance and takaful operators. 121advisor is a Certified Partner of Kentico with successful implementation records since year 2010. [Learn more about Kentico]
Net Onboard
Net Onboard Sdn. Bhd. Net Onboard is a leader in cloud computing and hosting solutions. With its cloud computing facilities, 121advisor enables clients deploy and manage hosted solutions with high scalability at low cost of investment. 121advisor is a Business Partner of Net Onboard with successful track records since year 2010. [Learn more about Net Onboard]
Talent Keys
Talent Keys Sdn. Bhd. Talent Keys delivers end-to-end business value focusing on its core strengths consulting, training & education, talent management and digital solutions. Solutions are customized to clients’ needs and strategies with Subject Matter Experts committed to design, develop and delivering personalized solutions.[Learn more about Talent Keys]

In addition to the technology partnerships above, 121advisor also work with various technology companies to enhance our solution capabilities.

Micosoft BizSpark
Micosoft BizSpark
Adobe Air
Adobe Air
iSpring Solutions