Mobility Made Simple
Mobility to connect agents with consumers to sell more effectively
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The explosion of mobile technology cannot be ignored!
Financial, insurance and takaful businesses must recognize the importance of mobility for their sales agents and distribution channels in order to connect, interact and transact with the consumers in this digital age!

Sales agents and distribution channels must bridge the gap between face-to-face engagement, marketing communication and social network interaction via the mobile platform. A comprehensive and interactive sales force solution with seamless integration with core backend systems is crucial to equipped the agents with the mobile sales capability.

At 121advisor, we designed our mobile sales solution specifically for financial, insurance and takaful agents that are deployable across different type of mobile devices and technology platforms. With our web services solution framework, the agents can enjoy seamless user experience with quick and reliable integration to the core backend systems.

With our mobile sales solution, 121advisor offers consulting, technology solution and implementation services to assist your business to establish the mobile capability for your agents and distribution channels to interact and transact with the consumers in this world of mobile technology.
Sales Management
Empower your agents to perform financial analysis, produce quotation, generate benefit illustration, and submit policy application on-the-go with their mobile devices.
Contact Management
Enable your agents to manage their prospect's or customer's contact information, schedule appointments, organize tasks, and review their policy and payment records anytime, anywhere.
Agent Management
Empower your agents to setup goals, track their sales activities, review their production and commissions, and access their performance reports on their palm at their convenience.
Information Management
Enable your agents to stay in touch closely with alerts on important dates and tasks for the customers, notifications and newsfeed from the company, and manage sales presentations and documents centrally.
Talk to us today to explore how we can help you to establish mobile capabilities for your company and your agents in Financial, Insurance and Takaful.