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Social Media has CHANGED the behaviour of the consumers
Since Social Networking tools emerged, Social Media has became part and parcel of our life in this digital age. Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest have dominated the means this digital generation networking and communicating with others, collecting and sharing information, and giving feedback and recommendation about people, organizations, products and services.
Social Media has changed the behaviour of the consumers - the digital consumers! Financial, Insurance and Takaful companies must recognize these emerging trends that are affecting the way of doing business.
Where Digital Consumers Are?
Consumers in this digital age no longer spend time on traditional media such as TV and newspaper. They are connected on internet and social media anywhere, anytime! If your brands or company do not have a presence on the social media, they would consider your business does not exist. Therefore, it is vital to establish the visibility of your business on the social media these days!
Where Digital Consumers Ask?
Nowadays, consumers search and ask about brands, companies, products or services on the internet and social media. They go to search engines such as Google and YouTube, and collective media such as Wiki, Blogs and Forums to get information. They do not rely only on the information from your corporate website. Digital consumers expect to find information shared or published by others about your business on the social media.
Where Digital Consumers Interact?
Consumers have more options for interaction today! They prefer to interact via a wide variety of communication channels suiting their personal preference. More and more consumers are following and engaging with businesses via social media, on top of the conventional channels such as contact centre and face to face meeting with sales agents. Digital consumers expect your presence on the social media channels to engage and interact with them.
How Digital Consumers Evaluate?
When consumers need feedback or recommendation about a brand, company, product or service, they check with their friends on their social network. 90% of consumers trust the comments of their peers or "someone like me", more than other media channels or the corporate spokerperson such as agents and employees. Digital consumers are more likely to recommend your brands, products and services to their friends if they like and follow your business on the social media.
How Digital Consumers Feedback?
With the power to publish content on social media, consumers can feedback and comment freely about brands, companies, products and services more than ever. With or without a presence on the social media, you no longer control how the consumers hear or talk about your business on the social websites. Therefore, it is crucial to to listen, engage and act on the feedback about your business on social media efficiently to prevent brand crisis.
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