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The mobile REVOLUTION is happening!
The growth of mobile devices in these recent years is staggering! There are more smartphones shipped than personal computers these days. Tablet PCs are the rising stars in the world of digital technology. More people are accessing internet via these handheld devices than the laptops or desktops.
This generation of consumers and agents expect the capability to communicate with the financial, insurance and takaful companies in the similar way they communicate in their personal and social world via mobile devices. They expect to be able to connect, interact and transact on-the-go whenever and wherever they prefer. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and meet the requirements on mobility for financial, insurance and takaful business in this digital age!
Mobile Presence
Digital consumers research about brands, companies, products and services whenever and wherever they want to. They use their mobile devices to search, compare and consult with friends during their evaluation for purchases.

Thus, financial, insurance and takaful businesses should ensure their visibility on the mobile web with optimized websites for searches and information access. They should also engage the consumers on their mobile devices with mobile content and marketing initiatives.
Mobile Transactions
Prospecting and selling are no longer confined to the traditional way of doing business. Consumers expect the agents to generate quotation and adjust proposal when and where they are meeting.

Agents expect to obtain customer's information, perform analysis, submit applications and make online payment while they are on-the-move. Financial, insurance and takaful agents need to be equipped with mobile capability to sell, service and transact anytime, anywhere.
Mobile Channel Experience
Consumers and agents these days expect their experience in dealing across the various channels of the business to be similar. They expect to interact and transact with their choice of channel according to their convenience without the need to do all over again when they switch from one channel to the other! Financial, insurance and takaful companies need to ensure seamless integration of information and processes between their multi-channel systems and operations.
Mobile Contact Management
Agents in this digital age store their contacts' information using digital devices like smartphone and tablet PCs. They expect to integrate and manage their prospects' and customers' information via their mobile devices. Alerts such as appointments, follow ups, and birthdays are fundamentals for the agents to keep in touch with their contacts closely. Customer's information such as policy's status, payment due date and status should be accessible even on-the-move.
Mobile Agent Management
Tech-savvy agents with mobile devices would prefer to be able to track their sales records, access their commission reports, and get company or product updates on their palm. Financial, insurance and takaful businesses should empower their agents with performance tracking capability on-the-go to enhance their productivity and boost their motivation consistently.
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