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Consumers are spending more time on the internet and social web these days
In the early days of internet (a.k.a web 1.0), the World Wide Web was merely an one-way communication platform. Website owners have sole authority over the content delivered in the websites. As internet technology evolves, the web has grown to be more interactive with forms, searches, messaging and games. Eventually, it became more transactional with the birth of e-commerce and online shopping - then came e-insurance or internet insurance.
To satisfy the online community, web providers offer personalization and publication features which began the shift of content authority to the web users. Today, internet web 2.0 or social web has become the preferred channel for information, communication and transaction for the consumers in this digital age.
Consumers are spending more time on the internet and social web these days, compared to other media channels! On Financial, Insurance and Takaful, consumers' expectation has also evolved beyond just purchasing a simple product online. We must understand and meet the expectation of these digital consumers on the internet to connect, converse and convert customers online.
Availability and Accessibility
Consumers in this digital age are connected online anytime, anywhere with various types of digital devices. They expect to find your business on the internet and interact and transact whenever and wherever they prefer. Hence, your business channel needs to be available on the internet 24x7 all year long, accessible through computers or mobile devices, and approachable via the social web.
Experience and Edutainment
With today's internet technology, consumers expect more compelling brand experience on the internet insurance channel. Attractive design, rich media, edutaining content, yet simple and fast browsing experience are essential to attract and keep visitors and consumers on your website. Therefore, it is vital to use a robust and reliable web portal platform that can provide such compelling online experience.
Information and Interaction
Digital consumers expect to find everything they need to know about your brands, company, products and services on your internet channel. Informative content and interactive functions to help the consumers to know all about your business are important to communicate and convince them on your web channel. Static content, non-interactive webpages and non-SEO website will drive consumers away from your business on the web!
Online Sales Process
To connect, convince and convert customers online, the internet sales process needs to be integrated seamlessly end-to-end. From marketing pages and applications to product content and quotation, from application entry and submission to payment transaction and policy issuance, your internet channel is expected to integrate the processes with the various systems seamlessly and completely. Any break point may turn the consumers away and kill the sales.
Usability and Self-Serviceability
Many consumers these days prefer to perform self-service functions at their own convenience. On top of an informative website, they expect to be able to perform simple and straightforward transactions online, such as policy enquiry, change of contact details, renewal and premium payment. Thus, it is important for your business to incorporate such self-service features on your internet insurance channel which benefit both the consumers and your operation.
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