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Different distribution channels manage and measure differently!
With tough competition in sales and distribution these days, Financial, Insurance and Takaful businesses are pursuing various innovative channel approaches and more rewarding experience yet regulatory compliance schemes to attract, motivate and support the distribution channels and sales agents to strive for greater productivity and sales achievements.
Different distribution channels manage and measure differently! Dstributors and agencies expect more comprehensive features, specific measurements and personalized reporting to help them to manage and grow their business more aggressively. Thus, Financial, Insurance and Takaful companies should offer the functionalities required to support their distribution channels more effectively.
Customized Performance Measurement
On top of the principal's performance standards, more aggressive and result-driven distribution channels and sales agencies usually enforce own set of performance measures specific to their entity. These differentiators are deemed crucial in advancing their business more effectively in the market. Thus, a customizable performance tracking tool is required for the channels and agencies to customize, monitor and measure their productivity accordingly.
Diverse Channel Structures
Beside the standard compensation strucutre permitted by the regulatory bodies, distribution channels and sales agencies are looking into more effective and flexible performance support and reporting structure to help the sales agents and managers to develop and grow more productively. Instead of enabling and administering such supporting structure manually, managers and agents require systematic solution to ease their burden on monitoring and coaching.
Robust Compensation Computation
Technology and sales platforms are evolving rapidly. More and more innovative distribution channels are emerging. Many legacy computation systems require significant enhancement or customization to cater for any structural change or new compensation scheme introduced. This crippled the speed-to-market and diminished the distributors and agents' engagement experience with the financial, insurance and takaful company which may turn them away to the competitors.
Personalized Reporting System
Sizeable distribution channels and sales agencies expect to be able to personalized their report presentation to their sales agents and managers. This helps to elevate their corporate image and sense of belonging. Sales agents and managers also expect their productions and compensation reports are consolidated and complete to their requirements, while secured and sanctioned to the authorized personnel's review only.
Information Anytime Anywhere
Distributors and sales agents are on-the-move most of the time. They need to access their reports, track their performance, check their commissions, and interact with their managers or reporting agents at their convenience with the digital devices they have, be it smartphone, tablet PC or laptop. Distribution channels and agency management also need to deliver information, communicate and interact with their sales people regularly in addition to face-to-face meetings.
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