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    Our Solutions and Services
    Mobile Solution
    Mobility Made Simple
    TIMMS (Takaful and Insurance Mobility Made Simple) Point of Sales has successfully helped agents connect with consumers to interact and sell Insurance and Takaful more effectively, delivering contracts on the spot. TIMMS regulatory compliant, secure integration framework seamlessly and reliably integrates with multiple core systems.
    Webassurance Solution
    Webassurance and Webtakaful
    Our consultants are helping insurance companies formulate their digital marketing and social media strategies. CHOICES a direct distribution solution for Financial, Insurance and Takaful connects, converses and converts consumers online.
    Channel Management
    Personalized Channel Management
    With the emergence of digital channels, Insurance and Takaful distribution has become harder to manage, requiring more complex management and compensation rules.
    DMAS (Distribution Management and Analytics Simplified) a regulatory compliant Personalized Multi-Channel Management system can be quickly tailored for sales teams within different channels
    We work with
    Net Onboard Sdn Bhd
    Micosoft BizSpark
    Adobe Air
    Skelta BPM